International Work Shop(03/06)

1:00-1:05 pm  Ueno Openning 1:05-2:35 pm Kuutii New technologies for participatory urban planning (with a interpreter) 3時~6 Sawada  Design of multilayer map for livehouse community Furusawa and Matumura Design of GoogleMap for graffiti community Sachiko Editing town photo archives by using of NOTA and Google Map in Sakae      district of Yokohama Chiba Portalsite design as information publishing engine in local community (break) Rakusai User Driven Approach for Community Activity Support System Singyouji A design of multilayer map as plug-in of NOTA Akimoto An uploading system of photographs from mobile phone to NOTA Iwamuro Design and use of map for reconstuction of local community Dobashi google maps + video camera phone: demonstrating a prototype (break) Koike Collaborative Design of Robot in a Community of Practice 6:30-8:30 pm Party

at Musashi tecnical Univercity 06/March/2007