Mapfight & The-world-factbook
United States (9,833,000 km²) is 26.02 times as big as Japan (377,930 km²).
Alaska (US) (1,717,854 km²) is 4.55 times as big as Japan (377,930 km²).
But, Japan (377,930 km²) is 17.12 times as big as Israel (22,072 km²).

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My rose, Princess Margaret

When I got up, and I looked at my garden, it was seen that a lot of Princess Marguerites which I uploaded in Reply #501 bloomed. I took the photos at once. But, I cut it and arranged it in my vase as all flowers became near the full bloom.
IMG_0420ss_zpshmlktr0fIMG_0422ts_zpswgfxnzt620160613_123733ss2016-06-14 ss

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My reminiscence in Florida

I visited Florida in 1988.

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Find more about Weather in Fukuyama, JP

Find more about Weather in Fukuyama, JP
Click for weather forecast

Find more about Weather in Yokohama, JP

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I made many works which I embroidered on before I still began the Internet.

My pieces of embroidery

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Singing in the rain

There was a request to want to see my video “Singing in the rain”, and I forgot how I made this vi … 続きを読む

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Hydrangeas in Jinguji temple

As that there was by car from my home to 20 minutes were in full bloom, I visited with my husband.
2016-06-12 08.24.42ss2016-06-12 08.20.48ss

2016-06-11 15.39.56ssIMG_0391ss

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I found my video of My teapots.

Tablewear Festival 2011


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My Heart failure

I had heart failure on February 17 and was admitted to the hospital in Fukuyama.
I intended to undergo rehabilitation during hospitalization and took the photo of the cherry blossom which bloomed in the garden of the hospital. The others that I take the medicine for the heart do not have the abnormality, and it can take a photograph to walk.
I walked the long corridor of the hospital with my physical therapist as rehabilitation in the morning and walked the garden of the hospital where cherry blossoms bloomed in the afternoon, intended to undergo rehabilitation and took the photograph of the cherry blossom.
2016-05-19 13.47.07s2016-05-19 13.50.17s
I am hospitalized for two months and leave the hospital on April 27 and take a rest at home afterwards.

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TWC New Year’s Luncheon 2016

On January 18, TWC New Year’s Luncheon was held in Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel. It snowed from midnight on that day and was piled up.
I intended to go out in my kimono, but gave it up in excessive snow.
In spite of the heavy snow, 103 people attended. 12 ambassadresss attended it in that, too. Performances on a female cellist were splendid, and the dishes were delicious and beautifully each, too.



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