I post the video of “Getting & Cooking Bamboo Sprout”.
What kind of video is it?

I made the photostory of “Peony flowers in Tennei-ji temple”.

My husband and I stayed in our cottage from the 18th to the 23rd. And, we
visited Azumino from which mountains of 3000-meter class were looked at.
However, because it had become cloudy, they were not seen. Flowers were very

At first, I made the photo story by using this stitched photo, and I moved
the stitched photo. However, I remade PhotoStory, and I did not use the
stitched photo in PhotoStory because it had become a too long photo story.
I uploaded the first photostory to Vimeo.

I went to Fuchu park to see the lotus flower yesterday. And, I took the
fountains and lotus flowers with my video camera.

I post the PhotoStory of Lily Village.

I made the slide show of “Fresh green around Fukuyama Castle” in Photopeach
by using my husband’s photos.

I went out to enjoy the cherry blossoms in Fukuyama Castle on April 5. A lot of people were enjoying cherry blossoms.
I made the photo story of “Cherry blossoms in Fukuyama Castle”.

My husband and I walked from Nagahama to Hikone in the Biwako lake side on
March 29. It took three hours to the distance in 15 kilometer. I made the
photo story.

I visited Chikubu Island.
It takes 30 minutes from the Nagahama port to Chikubu Island by ship.


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