Tomioka Silk Mill

World Heritage Committee of UNESCO decided “Tomioka Silk Mill” into a World Cultural Heritage on June 21st.
In 1870, Paul Brunat, who worked in a French trading company in Yokohama, researched suitable locations for a silk mill in the Kanto region and selected the site in Tomioka City.
Tomioka Silk Mill is Japan’s oldest modern model silk reeling factory, established in 1872 by the government to introduce modern machine silk reeling from France and spread its technology in Japan. The factory is designated by the government as a historical site and all its buildings are preserved in very good condition.
The building was wooden frameworks, stack bricks, and is built.

I visited Tomioka Silk Mill on October 10, 2007. I took many photos, but I was not making the video.
I looked for the photos and made the video today.

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