The cherry blossoms in Kamakura & in Sakaeku

On April 8, I visited Kamakura Hachimangu Shrine.
Although full bloom of cherry blossoms had passed also here, many people were enjoying the cherry blossoms.
And I met 3 sets of flowers, bridegroom brides who hold their marriage ceremonies in this shrine.

On April 8, I also visited Itachi River.
Although cherry blossoms had passed over full bloom, they were still beautiful. In the ridge of the way, azaleas, Japanese andromedas and other flowers were in bloom. People were walking, while enjoying cherry blossoms.
I walked from Tenjin Bridge to Shiroyama Bridge taking the photos, and I made the video. Please enjoy by the full screen.

The cherry trees are planted in the small children’s park near my home in Yokohama.
They become big trees now and various little birds live and the bush warbler, too.
The cherry blossoms bloom and the bush warblers sing well in spring now.
Although chirping of the bush warbler could be heard to my home, when it was more interesting to photograph in the scene of cherry blossoms, and I went out with my camera on April 8, 11.

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