Sado Island

On May 24, my husband & I visited Sado Island .
I made the video of the first day of the trip to Sado Island.

On May 25, visited Myosen Temple and Toki Forest Park, the Toki contact plaza. Then I went to the northernmost cape of Sado.
The Toki contact plaza” reproduces close biotope in the large cage which can fly naturally and is the facilities where islanders or a tourist can observe the flight of Toki, consuming bait, the making of nest close.
Day lilies were in full blossom in northernmost Ohnokameyama.

after Ohnokameyama, we went the coastal way where cliff led to by bus. The scenery was splendid. The dinner of Hotel Oosado was luxurious and delicious,

On May 26, I visited the Sado mine.
The Sado mine is a large gold and silver mine in Sado Island The mine was worked from 1601 until 1974, and closed in 1989.
Many industrial properties and tunnels can be observed which had been used from Meiji era until the closure in 1989.
Tunnels dug by hand in early Edo era. In the tunnels deep in the ground Sado City has faithfully reproduced mining works which were pictured in Edo era.
After having observed the Sado mine, I bought the replica of the oval gold coin and the compact which 2 Toki were drawn on and left for home.

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