My rehabilitation life

At the hospital

At my house

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The orange day-lily & White sasanqua

My mother-in-law planted most flowers in this garden, and there is the flower that I do not know those names a lot.

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Mapfight & The-world-factbook
United States (9,833,000 km²) is 26.02 times as big as Japan (377,930 km²).
Alaska (US) (1,717,854 km²) is 4.55 times as big as Japan (377,930 km²).
But, Japan (377,930 km²) is 17.12 times as big as Israel (22,072 km²).

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My rose, Princess Margaret

When I got up, and I looked at my garden, it was seen that a lot of Princess Marguerites which I uploaded in Reply #501 bloomed. I took the photos at once. But, I cut it and arranged it in my vase as all flowers became near the full bloom.
IMG_0420ss_zpshmlktr0fIMG_0422ts_zpswgfxnzt620160613_123733ss2016-06-14 ss

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My reminiscence in Florida

I visited Florida in 1988.

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Find more about Weather in Fukuyama, JP

Find more about Weather in Fukuyama, JP
Click for weather forecast

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I made many works which I embroidered on before I still began the Internet.

My pieces of embroidery

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Singing in the rain

There was a request to want to see my video “Singing in the rain”, and I forgot how I made this vi … 続きを読む

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Hydrangeas in Jinguji temple

As that there was by car from my home to 20 minutes were in full bloom, I visited with my husband.
2016-06-12 08.24.42ss2016-06-12 08.20.48ss

2016-06-11 15.39.56ssIMG_0391ss

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I found my video of My teapots.

Tablewear Festival 2011


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