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I established my website and greeted 20 years.

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Geraniums in my garden

I purchased Geraniums 50 years ago, and it which repeated grafting bloomed neatly afterwards.


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The flowers in my garden in September

Cluster amaryllises
I found that cluster amaryllises bloomed in my backyard today. The cluster amaryllis blooms by all means in the Autumnal Equinox Day.

The cosmos in my backyard.
The cosmos in my backyard bloomed. There is no cosmos of the dark red this year.
There is no flower of the color last year though I planted a cosmos of the dark red.

The aroma of the fragrant olive wafted on the wind.
Fragrant olives planted in the west of my garden are in full blossom.

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The mango presented from my daughter




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Beautiful and delicious cake

My husband is deciphering an ancient document about Fukuyama castle in Fukuyama castle. The lady who becomes 88 years old in the member is trout. She made a fruitcake and Jerries anchied delivered it as a greeting to me yesterday.

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My birthday

I went to our vegetables garden to pick vegetables for the dinner of my birthday with my husband this morning.

I was able to celebrate my birthday with a few steaks and the vegetables which my husband made.

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My garden in July, 2016

.I made a video about flowers which bloomed in July, and persimmon, the petit-tomato.

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Changes of Sachiko’s Homepage

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My rehabilitation life

At the hospital

At my house

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The orange day-lily & White sasanqua

My mother-in-law planted most flowers in this garden, and there is the flower that I do not know those names a lot.

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